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Regardless of your labelling needs, we are able to customise a solution for you. From the simple paper label to the more sophisticated durable label that can withstand harsh and demanding surfaces, we will be able to come up with the perfect label that would meet every of your specifications.

Exasperated with over-the-counter labels that do not come in the size that you require? Do not worry because we are able to provide customised blank labels that are die-cut to your specifications so that the label you require would fit perfectly.

Pre-printed labels are fuss-free labels - ready to be used without any need for further processing. Our capability to print multi-colour, varnish and laminated labels will ensure that your products are vibrant and unique, making them a cut above the rest.

Bar code labels are found on almost every single product in a shop. Typical applications include serialised barcode labels and product labels with different model platforms. Printing them in-house could be costly and time consuming.

At Co-Pack Label, we would be able to help you save time and money by helping you process your barcode labels. Our extensive knowledge of various materials coupled with compatibility of thermal transfer ribbons will ensure that the most appropriate selection is made.

Protective film labels are commonly used to protect products such as LCDs, lenses and highly polished plastics that have decorative purposes. These labels not only give your product a sophisticated look, but they are also able to protect your product from scratches during shipment. Once again, we are able to meet your specifications when it comes to sizes by using die-cutting.

By possessing a wide range of raw materials such as Kapton polyimide to specialty face stocks, we are able to provide top coating that accepts thermal transfer bar code printing as well as coating that has anti-static properties. Hence, we are able to ensure that heat sensitive components are protected from delivery to customer usage.

Providing the correct overlay for your labels is essential as it brings your product image and quality to the highest level, giving one an edge over your competitors.

By possessing a wide range of substrates and the knowledge of adhesive combinations, we are able to meet even the most stringent of requirements. Moreover, with silkscreen printing that utilizes the UV and oven cured ink systems, we are able to provide labels with extreme durability.

Wanting a creative way to boost your brand awareness and product image? Why not try doing it through car decals! At Co-Pack Label, we are able to provide both adhesive backed and adhesive free decals for promotional applications as well as advertising or identification decals used on glass surfaces.

Customised mouse pads are excellent for promotions, corporate gifts and product launch give-aways. We are able to customise and print high quality mousepads that can come in any shape or size.

Commonly used in serial numbers, warranty labels and sealing enclosures, temper evident labels are usually made of high performance destructible vinyl and “VOID” polyester. These labels are ideal for sealing cartons and packaging of high value products such as ICs, components and medication. Moreover, they could also be used for warranty labels or for secure enclosure of a product to prevent unauthorised opening.

Customized Blank Labels



To suit out clients' needs


Pre-Printed Labels



For direct use without any need for further process


Bar Code Labels



Save you the time and investment needed to print such labels in-house


Overlays / Nameplates / Decals / Mouse Pads



We are able to customise a solution for you


  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Mailers
  • Manuals
  • Office Stationeries (Delivery Order, Tax Invoice, Envelopes, Stock Cards etc)

We have the capability to print your ideal / customise labels with or without additional lamination. Over extensive knowledge of various materials coupled with compatibility of thermal transfer ribbons will ensure that the most appropriate selection for your needs is met.
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